Extravagant Christmas Makeup Trend: The Christmas Tree Brows

We have heard of crazy makeup trends this year (don’t forget the unicorn makeup that got everyone weirded out), but the Christmas tree brows would be the one that takes the throne this year. The trend, perfect for closing the year, incorporates the holiday season’s festivity to your brows. As the name suggests, all you need to do is decorate your eyebrows the way you’d decorate your Christmas tree.

Foto: taytay_xx

And it does sound weird, we must admit. But in fact, the trend isn’t as bizarre as it sounds. It was started by a Canadian-based beauty guru ‘taytay_xx.’ The Christmas-themed beauty trend is definitely not the first, though, as we have seen Santa hat eyebrows (done by applying on your brows red eye shadow and lining it with white liquid eyeliner), Bauble brows (glittery, bejeweled brows mixed with gold eye shadow and liquid eyeliner), and last but not the least, the feather eyebrows (which to be honest, rather cool, but we’d rather not talk about how hideous it looks).

The Christmas tree brows deserve a mixed reaction, but in case you’re interested in creating the look, here’s a list of what you’d need to do:

1. Take green hair mascara and paint your brows green – or you can use clear mascara as glue with green eye shadow. This step is optional, in case you want to keep your brows in its natural color, you can skip the green coloring.
2. While the mascara is still wet separate your eyebrows down the middle and pull out little tufts to be the branches of your Christmas tree.
3. Allow the mascara to fully set for three minutes.
4. Attach small gems (or finger stickers) with eyelash glue to the ends of the branches and add glitter if preferred.
5. Top off with a star sticker.

Ta-da! You have now finished the wildest eyebrow beauty trend of the year. While the look probably would earn you some raised eyebrows, at least you are now fashion-forward.

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