Pinecone Ornaments for Christmas

We all know Christmas equals to candies, snow, pinecones, reindeers, and most importantly, cute ornaments. The pinecone Christmas ornaments, aren’t just purely adorable; they’re also handmade, and thus make them more special than any other adornments you can buy from a nearest store. Most of them are also very easy to make, plus you won’t need many materials to create your own ornaments. Here’s a list of Christmas ornaments made of pinecones you can try making:

1.Fairy ornament


Number one on the list is this adorable fairy ornament. The pinecone would act as the fairy’s body, and you’d need a bead to act as the head of the fairy. Since it’s custom made, you can freely decorate the fairy; putting on different ‘hair’ colors, hair styles, hats and clothes for example.

2. Owl ornament


This ornament is especially fitting if any little one in your family member is a fan of the nocturnal bird. Using felt, pinecones, and hot glue you can make super lovable owl ornaments. The felt texture is a bonus point, but you’d have to make sure no one would pick it off your Christmas tree – just because it’s too cute.


3. Garland ornament


If fairies or owls are too fancy or childlike for your liking, then you can go simple and yet, classical with these garland ornaments. All you need are some pinecones, metallic acrylic paint, and a paint brush. The final product isn’t overbearing, yet elegant and definitely in line with Christmas spirit. One word perfectly describes the ornament: perfect!


4. Hedgehog ornament


Hedgehogs are definitely one of the cutest domestic animals, and for you hedgehog lovers out there, this ornament is just the right one. To create the ornament, you’d need to cut the pinecone in half, attach small felt cuts to act as the limbs and some beads as the eyes. The ornament can also be purchased online in case you don’t have enough time to make it.


5. Fox ornament


Another idea would be the fox ornament. Using felt and pinecones, you can come up with your own fox adornment. Not limited to fox, you can also use the technique to make squirrel, bee, or bear ornaments.

6. Reindeer ornament


No one can mention Christmas without thinking about the famous reindeer, Rudolph. The animal has always been a prominent part of the holiday season, and if you want to bring the festivity to your house, the reindeer ornament is the excellent item. Using some glue, pinecones (obviously!), felt or fabric, and ribbon you can make your own mini Rudolph ornament.


7. Santa ornament


Ho!Ho!Ho! We know it’s not Christmas until Santa is here. The pinecone Santa ornament can be a better alternative to usual, traditional Santa ornament. It even comes with the classic black belt wrapped around the Father Christmas’ protruding belly.

8. Snowman ornament


Last but not the least, we have the snowman ornament, complete with a mini Fedora hat. The pinecone would act as the body, and you can even attach mini bells on the sides that will act as the arms.

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