Mini Christmas Trees – DIY

Mini Christmas Trees - DIY

Here we have a lovely DIY Christmas project that presents how to make mini Christmas trees as original gifts or cute decorations.

You will need:
– a pine cone;
– glitter;
– hot glue;
– green acrylic paint;
– paint brush;
– regular glue (even Modge Podge),
– mini terra cotta pot;
– a mini star.

Directions: Paint the pine cone green and let dry. Apply glue on the edge of each pine cone spine and then sprinkle the glitter that you chose. Let the glue and glitter dry then hot glue the pine cone to the pot and glue the pretty star on top of the pine cone. To render the idea of snow you can also use some white paint and some glitter. You can add Christmas decorations on the pine cone tree by attaching various little beads. Enjoy!

Keep being AllDayChic!

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  1. What did you make the mini star from? How is it attached?
    I want to make these for people in nursing homes. Thanks for a great idea!

    1. Hi Connie! That mini tree was made by ”AmysDelights” and she used a wooden star glued on top. If you don’t find to buy mini stars (plastic, wood, metal) you can cut out a yellow foam sheet. Good luck! You have a great purpose!

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