Beautiful Paper Flowers: Hyacinths – DIY

Beautiful Paper Flowers - DIY

Don’t wait the Spring to delight yourself with lovely Hyacinths! Make some beautiful paper flowers and enjoy them all year round.

You will need:
– crepe paper;
– scissors;
– toothpicks;
– thin sticks;
– glue gun.

Directions: Cut the crepe paper into strips. Wrap the strips and use scissors to create fringes (check out the image). Wrap each fringe around a toothpick to make curls. You will obtain a paper strip which has the bottom part intact and the top part with curled fringes. Now, take a thin stick and start covering it with the paper strip, until you realize the shape of a Hyacinth. Use the glue gun to fix the paper on the stick. Cut some crepe paper pieces to make the leaves and to cover the stem. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: marrietta.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL INDEED! Question as I’m confused on how to wrap the crepe paper. Do you wrap from bottom to top or top to bottom?

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