Dukyana’s Huge Knit Tube Scarf is What You Need This Winter

Winter, for some, has always been the most dreaded time of the year. No matter how hard you try to keep yourself warm, it just seems like it’s never enough. That’s probably because you haven’t tried wearing this huge knit tube scarf, that’s in actuality, more like a huge buritto wrapper – just for human. When worn like it’s intended to be, you’d end up looking like a giant sock.

The genius behind the brows-raising invention is a Bulgarian designer label Dukyana. While the idea quickly went viral, it’s also quickly attacked by critics who claimed it’d be almost impossible to walk in those.

While the ‘body scarf’ does kinda look weird, it’s actually a pretty good way to battle the dropping temperature without having to spend a lot of time in your closet, making sure your coat matches your shoes, your bottom, or your shoes. No more long johns (though you still might need them for extremely cold days), or even better, aching bones.

And while this is considered the auxiliary benefit of the clothing, the tube-shaped knit can also be used to cover your entire face (and head!) just in case you don’t want to deal with anyone at the moment. For a more realistic purpose, it’s a good fit if you want to take a quick nap when working or travelling since you don’t have to worry being an instant hit online thanks to your hilarious drooling face.

Interestingly, the bizarre idea is also manifested in different forms of clothing, like sweater dresses, cardigans, and sweater cardigans. While some sport a fuzzy finish (which means it’s extra fuzzy and you would have a hard time stopping yourself from touching it!), some are less garish, with simple knit finish.

Dukyana uses mohair (silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat), wool, and machine washable merino blend to make different kinds of outfit. And don’t worry, if you are considerably petite, you can make sure that the knitted wear is customized to your body size, and even, color.

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