Dazzling Makeup for those Twinkling Eyes

Looks can dazzle, and this gorgeous eye makeup tutorial will ensure this! Shimmery, icy and cool, this look not only makes summer a breeze but can also light up your winters. You’d stand out as the mystery woman with those sparkling eyes and warm smile! This tutorial uses the calming colours of purple, blue and white. Let’s learn how to get those eyes to make a statement!


1. First and foremost, apply a primer to the eye area to allow the makeup to fix properly (You really wouldn’t like it to get smudged, yes it’s that pretty!).

2. With a pointed brush, apply some of the purple eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye.

3. Use the same colour and mark out the crease of the lid.

4. Now, using the purple and white shadows, apply to the lid with a broad brush.

5. Go the same way on the lower lid as well.

6. At the outer-corner of your eye, create a cat wing with the blue eye shadow.

7. Blend all make up so that there are no sharp lines.

8. Apply eyeliner to the edge of the upper lid.

9. Finish off the look with mascara on the upper and lower lashes or apply false eyelashes.

There you go, ready to dazzle the world!

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