Makeup Rules You Can Break

And then there are rules…but you make your own, right? With so much of information available to us all, we sometimes do get carried away, especially when it comes to make-up, and we buy all those fancy potions and lotions like our life depended on it! But then again, we make our own, and we break some.
So, here are some rules that the world has been growing crazy about, but worry not, you won’t be counted among them after you read this!

Makeup Rules You Can Break

‘Rule’ 1: Don’t go heavy on the eye and lip make-up together.
We have played by this, and then stared star-struck when that gorgeous girl with the smokey eye-shadow and siren-red lips passed by us. It definitely had the desired effect on you! She doesn’t care for the ‘rule’, why should you?!

‘Rule’ 2: A primer is a must before using foundation.
Like,really? Foundations have been around for so many decades, who knew of primers? All you need probably is a good moisturizer to prepare your face before applying the make-up. Keep the primer handy though, to fill in fine lines and pores, or for a special occasion.

‘Rule’ 3: Allow mascara to dry before the next coat.
Clumpy and spidery lashes are truly an eye-sore. And chances are, that if you allow the mascara to dry between coats, that is the precise look you would achieve! Think of it like clay, which moulds best when it is a little wet. It thus becomes easier to move any clumps around!

‘Rule’ 4: Check foundation colour with the skin on your neck.
The neck is probably the last place where you should check your colour, since it is always shielded by the face! You may turn up with a shade which is perfect for the neck, but light for the face, and we definitely don’t want to be left looking like zombies! If not directly on the face, then check with the colour of your chest.

‘Rule’ 5: Concealer to be used before foundation.
You could actually do it the other way round – use the foundation and then the concealer. This will help give you a chance to even out any flaws after applying foundation!

‘Rule’ 6: Use a product only for the purpose intended.
The creative streak in you won’t allow you to give in to this rule. And there definitely is no need to! Play with your cosmetics – use the lipstick as blush, an eye-shadow as a bronzer, paint-brushes for eye-liner brushes! A little care just needs to be taken with using an alternate product for the eyes, but that’s about it, go wild!

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