Irregular Zig Zag Nail Art – DIY

In case you are lost in terms of what nail design to adorn or you are just spoilt for the varied choices out there then today is your lucky day as you will get to learn how to polish your nails and decorate them the irregular zig zag way.
However, even with the bright colors available all over the world for your nails, you must also know how to coordinate them well with your taste and likes and even your skin and nail tone. This is important as even the best colors can look weird and backfire if not properly mixed with the best skin tone. Hence, there is a lot to go by when it comes to nail art. The colors of the nail polishes used here are glittery grey and black, but you can use whichever suits you.

You will need:

– a colorless nail polish;
– a glittery grey one and black nail polish
– some stickers cutted in the shapes you need (see picture below);
– a nail file.


1. The first step is to make sure your nails are clean and filed, preferably filed into an oval shape as the square-shaped ones won’t go well with the leaf-like decorations I am about to show you.

2. The next step is to apply a colorless nail polish to the nails so as to protect the base of your nails from any discoloration from the colored nail polish.

3. Once the base is dry you can then proceed to applying the basic nail polish color which in this case is glittery grey. Make sure it dries before doing or applying anything else on it so as to avoid any smudges that might ruin the whole application.

4. You can then proceed to sticking the sticker on the colored glittery grey nails then apply black nail polish.
The next step is to wait for the nail polished-decoration to dry and then proceed to lock it with a thick layer of top coat. Remember to remove the sticker so that the decoration is avidly shown that is, after the whole nail has dried.

You will love the final outcome. Enjoy!

Irregular Zig Zag Nail Art - DIY

Photo courtesy: pshiiit.

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