10 of the Best Everyday Accessories You Haven’t Even Thought About

Accessories are generally the things that people put on to highlight their outfits and complete their looks. While the vast majority of accessories sold at retailers are worn by everyone — students, homemakers, scientists, and even car accident attorneys, the best accessories that you possess are already within you. Yes, the very best accessories are not ones that you take off at the end of the day. They’re the totally unique and individual accessories that make up you as a person, and as a style maven. Here are ten of the best accessories that you wear everyday and don’t even think about.

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1. Enchanted by Your Gaze

“Eyes are considered to be the window to the soul.” More importantly, you use them to see, navigate to your destination, and even non-verbally communicate with others. Wearing eye makeup can help to highlight this amazing accessory, but even without it, your eyes will shine through. Whatever your eye colour, shape, or positioning, your eyes are one of your best features, because literally everyone around you notices them.

2. Your Figure

You likely know your dress size like the back of your hand. You probably know your approximately height and weight as well. Knowing these stats can make it a lot easier to shop for clothes that will fit you properly, but none of this information truly describes what your figure looks like. The shape of your hips, the broadness of your shoulders, the length of your waist – these are all visual cues that when put together make up your figure and shape.

As you already know, your figure dictates how you look in certain clothing. So, embrace this accessory and try not to ever take it for granted.

3. Your Smile

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Some people are more happy-go-lucky, grinning at strangers as they go about their day for no other reason than their confidence and inner peace.

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Since your smile is another accessory that you don’t take off at the end of the day, ensure that it is properly cared for.

4. Your Go-To Fragrance

If you’re happy to wear perfume or body spray, you have another accessory that is pretty much germane to who you are as a fashionista. Everyone already knows what your go-to fragrance smells like. They’ve smelled it, whether you went to meet your friends for drinks after work, or when you had to stay late at the office. Your go-to fragrance should be perfect for all occasions, neither too light nor overpowering.

5. That Perfect Complexion

If you are into fashion, you know that certain colours look best on different skin tones and complexions. As such, you may have always avoided wearing certain colours because you have been made to believe that you couldn’t possibly pull it off.

Women with dark complexions might steer away from bold colours, thinking it would look to daring. Lighter complected women may not think that white and pale colours are ideal, as they have been told that it will wash them out.

Your skin is a constant accessory, and it is perfect for every colour in the rainbow. Use your complexion to its full extent and wear what you want.

6. Your Walk

When you feel beautiful and confident, that energy is impossible to keep inside. It leaks out of your pores, oozing out with every step. As a result, the way in which you walk is another one of those accessories that you probably don’t give much thought to.

If you already walk into rooms like you own the place, then you are highlighting this accessory perfectly. If not, you will want to adjust your walk so that your clothes always look great.

Keep your head held high and your shoulders back as you gracefully saunter to and from each destination.

7. Your Posture

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Those who walk with confidence probably have good posture as well. On the other hand, maintaining good posture can kind of be a drag. You have to be aware of how your spine is lined up, whether you are standing or sitting. The fact of the matter is, slouching can feel more natural for you if you have been doing it for awhile.

Good posture is another totally overlooked accessory that can make your outfits go from drab to dramatic, with no other adjustments necessary. Be ever aware of how you hold your body, and you will make use of one of the best accessories you naturally possess.

8. Body Language Speaks

Nancy Pelosi may have made waves over the web for her latest fashion choices, but the real reason that she is considered a fashion icon is because of her iconic body language. This fashionable lady may be 80-years-old, but she has never been a shrinking violent.

In fact, you can just about guess what she’s thinking based on her body language. The way that Ms. Pelosi conducts herself is always bold and confident, and you are sure to see her using her hands to highlight her feelings often. Consider how your body language reads when you are wearing a signature look.

9. Your Voice

When you put on a really killer outfit and stand in front of the mirror, do you ever sometimes make a note of how good you look and comment to yourself out loud? If so, you would definitely not be alone.

No matter what you happen to have on at the time, your speaking voice is actually a very noticeable accessory. Consider your voice and tone while you are wearing certain looks, and see how your vocal cords match up with your ensemble.

10. Your Personality

Last but not least, you have a personality that is all its own. You could be shy or outspoken, sarcastic or a practical joker. While you might have trouble describing your personality in words, you and those around you know it well. In fact, a person’s personality is what helps them in part to solidify certain looks.

Women who aren’t afraid to speak up for themselves are known to wear more dramatic outfits. Likewise, someone who is more sweet and innocent may have never worn a little black dress in all their life. Know your personality and own it, just like you do all of your other accessories.

You probably have a jewellery box where you keep all of your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. You may have a shoe rack for footwear, an area of your closet for scarves, and a nook in your bedroom for storing belts.

Final Thoughts

However, these accessories can never be taken off. They’re just some of the most important traits that make up you as a person. You may or may not want to change or improve some of these permanent accessories, but it is vital that you take good care of them. Unlike the type of accessories that you can buy in stores, your ten best everyday accessories are essentially you.

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