Step By Step Eyeliner Tutorial

Lining the eyes might be, for a lot of women, the hardest step from the entire makeup process. If you don’t have experience, you might find it also annoying, as you never get it right. Another challenge with lining the eyes is the fact that they don’t turn out the same on both sides and if you don’t have a specific method you can maximize the occurrence of these type of events. If you face these problems or you just want to find out a method to line your eyes (because you have been doing it unconsciously so far) just stay with us and we will present you an easy step by step method.


What you will need:
– pencil or liquid eyeliner of your choice;
– one cotton q-tip.

1. Decide first, how thick you want your line to be, then starting from the inner corner of the eye, make a long parallel line until you reach the outer corner. Note that, even if we said parallel line, you still have to start from the inner corner and touch it, but it doesn’t have to touch the outer corner.
2. From the outer corner, make a straight short line and this will decide how long your line will be.
3. Unite both lines in a triangle as you can see in the pictures.
4. Fill in the space left, then correct any small mistakes with the q-tip.

Photo courtesy: @auraure.

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