How To Upgrade Your Shoes With Lace – DIY

Do you have any pair of shoes in your closet that you are bored of wearing? Would you still love to wear them, but you feel they need a little change? We come with the solution to your problem and will show you how to upgrade the pair of shoes of your choice with some lace. This will not only make you excited to wear them again, but will also make everyone else wonder where did you get your shoes from. With this trick you can basically customize almost every pair of shoes you have. This method is so easy, one thing you have to think more about, is to decide what lace you want to stick to them, but that can be figured out once you see the material, you will know what goes with the shoe.


What you will need:
– a pair of heels of your choice;
– 2 pieces of lace you want to stick to them;
– some glue that you know is good like E-6000.

1. Prepare your heels by brushing them or cleaning them of any dirt.
2. Apply the glue to the lace by following the pattern of it, try to put just enough to the edges so it won’t leak when you stick it on.
3. Stick the lace to your shoes in the desired position.
4. Let the glue dry very well and you are ready to rock in your newly improved pair of shoes.

Note that this is an irreversible process and you can’t have your shoes back the way they were after completing this tutorial! We bet you don’t want it anyway, they will look too cool!

Photo courtesy: buzzfeed.

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