How To Wax Moustache With Homemade Brown Sugar Wax

Over 90% of our body is covered with hair, even if we don’t see that. The hair is colored differently depending where on the body it appears and also depending on the genes of the person. Usually, hair on face is colored in a very light shade but in the moustache area, a lot of women get black hair which is annoying. It is such a beauty turn off for many of us, men and women. There are different ways you can remove that hair from there, either at the salon, either at home with buying the right products that assist you with that. If you are lower on budget and you want the cheap alternative and healthy alternative in the same time, use our brown sugar wax method which is easy to use and we will present you everything you need to do.

How To Wax Moustache With Homemade Brown Sugar Wax

What you will need:
– 1 cup brown sugar;
– 2 tbsp water;
– 2 tbsp fresh-squeezed lemon juice;
– small saucepan;
– heat-safe container;
– face powder (to protect lips);
– a square of thin cotton cloth;
– spatula;
– ice cube (you will need this in the end).

1. Put the brown sugar, water and freshly-squeezed lemon juice in the small saucepan. Use medium heat to melt everything, then keep stirring until the mixture become thick, like honey.
2. Transfer the mixture into the heat-safe container and let it cool for a few minutes, you don’t want to burn yourself.
3. Brush some face powder on your upper lip to protect it and make sure you have no cream or makeup on your moustache area. Clean the area very well.
4. Test the temperature of the mix and if it is ready, with the help of the spatula apply it to the moustache area where you have hair.
5. Use immediately the cotton cloth and press it over the brown sugar wax then leave it on for one minute or so.
6. With a fast movement pull the cloth up and your hair should be removed, if you can see more there, repeat the process.
7. Rub an ice cube to the area to reduce inflammation of the skin and pain. You are ready!

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