Ruffled-up T-shirt – DIY

Ruffle Shirt - DIY

When you find the ideal t-shirt, with the perfect fabric in it and the perfect fit for your body, you might want to have a few more choices. To make your own variety of shirts out of the desired fabric, we have this t-shirt redesigning idea for you.

You will need:
– two t-shirts;
– scissors;
– needle and thread;
– sewing machine.

Directions: Cut one side of your first t-shirt and open it up, then try and cut out two pieces of 1 ¼” strips and 6 other pieces of 2 ½” x 12”. Take the two long strips and start stitching at ¼” from the edge, then pull one thread and you will see the ruffle taking shape. Make longer strips out of the 1 ¼” strips, sew the middle with big stitches and pull one string to make ruffle. Pin this long ruffle around the neck line leaving space in the front for the wider ruffles. Attach the wider ruffles in the front, make sure you line them up with the center of the shirt. Measure 1 ½” from the edge of the first ruffle row and line up the next ruffle, sew and repeat until you consider there are enough ruffles. If you want to add something more, you can continue with a corsage. For this, you need to cut 1” strips and use big stitches to sew the center of them and pull one string for making ruffles. Take this ruffle and fold in in half, then roll up one end and start stitching the folded parts, then spin and stitch again until the corsage is ready. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: tearosehome.

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