Rubber Band Bracelets – DIY

Rubber Band Bracelets - DIY

We present you a very easy and cute way to create accessories for summer. They are made from rubber band and you can make as many as you wish in whatever color combination you would like. You can find the steps of making them in the list below and the pictures and the video will also be a great help for you.

You will need:
– rubber band;
– hook or clamp.

Directions: Take 2 bands, hold them and then hook them together. Next step is to take the needle which will hold them and pass it through of the holes of the rubbers. This is your starting point from where we will continue doing the bracelet. Take other 2 rubbers bands of the color you want and hook them again to the previous bands with the help of the needle, as you see in the pictures. Repeat this as many times as necessary until you will reach the desired length of the bracelet. After this, seal everything with bracelet locks and next time you might try the clamp method if you don’t have a hook at home which is again, very simple. Take the clamp and put two rubber bands on it. Then take again two other bands and put them over the previous ones. Now, take the ends of the first layer of rubber band and place them over the second layer like in the pictures. Repeat this process until it’s reached the desired length, seal and you are done!

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Photo courtesy: elmundo.

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