Dive Watches and Dress Watches – The Best Way To Wear Them

Most people love watches but make mistakes in how to wear them. To look elegant, you need to wear your watch the right way and ensure it complements the clothing you are wearing. You would be surprised that the first thing that most people notice about you is the watch; it’s a status symbol.

People with more than one watch are always puzzled about which watch to wear and on what occasion. Luckily there is a way to know what to wear and when. When choosing a watch, look for a great strap, such as the Omega rubber strap, to help match your outfit.

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This article will explore the types of luxury watches and the best way to wear them.

1. Dive Watches

If you love diving, you need to ensure your best watch with you. These watches are met to help you conquer the most profound depth of the ocean; that’s why they are often bulky and large. For a dive watch to be effective, it must pass through a series of tests called true dive watch.

When to Wear a Dive Watch

Irrespective of using dive watches during dive sessions, you can also wear them casually. When choosing a dive watch, you should look for a design that complements your casual wear. Since they are versatile, consider wearing them with just a T-shirt and a short, or consider your Oxford shirt.

However, you must avoid wearing the dive watches will suit unless you attend an event that allows a relaxed dress code.

Incredible Dive Watch: Omega Seamaster

The omega seamaster is well known in the diving community and known to be worn by most celebs such as James bond. This watch has a 300m water resistance rating and a reliable silicon balance spring. It has that charm that makes it look appealing, making it the right accessory for wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.

2. Dress Watches

The dress watches are simple and elegant to wear with your tailored suits. Some watches, such as Rolex, IWC Portofino, and omega, are great for wearing them. Some of these watches have no complications and a great variety of straps, such as leather that will match your suit.

When to Wear a Dress Watch

The dress watches are ideal for wearing during the white-tie or black-tie event. Further, consider wearing them in a formal business event where you are expected to look decent.

Luxury Dress Watch: Cartier Tank

Consider wearing the Cartier tank when planning to attend a formal event since it’s the most iconic. This simple tank shows time using the roman numeral hour makes and metallic blue hands. In addition, the Cartier tank is small, making it more comfortable to wear.

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End Note

There are many types of watches available in the market today. That is why looking for a great brand and high-quality straps are essential. A reputable dealer will ensure a greater return on investment than scammers. When you know what you want to wear, look for a strap with a color that compliments your look.

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