Health Benefits of Chocolate


Have you ever thought that chocolate might be actually healthy for you? Several researches have proved that dark chocolate is very good for your body and you can find all the reasons in the list down below.

Health benefits of chocolate:

1. It’is a brain booster, it improves memory, reaction time and problem solving skills.

2. Improves your mood because it contains serotonin, a natural anti-depressant and also stimulates endorphin production.

3. Studies have shown that people who like sweets are more likely to be agreeable and kind than people who bitter salty foods.

4. It eliminates bacterias from the mouth that create tooth decay because of the theobromine in it.

5. Increases libido and general wellbeing.

6. It’s a cancer fighter because it inhibits cell division and reduces inflammation.

7. Healthier skin, more moisturized and resistant to UV lights.

8. Individuals eating dark chocolate showed increased visual activity.

9. Decreases the risk of stroke if it is consumed in moderate amounts.

10. The flavanoids in dark chocolate increase blood flow, so it’s good for your heart.

11. Because it contains fat busting enzymes, it’s a belly buster.

12. The antioxidants in dark chocolate reduce the chance of suffering from arthritis, asthma and stroke.

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