Hibiscus Flower Rainbow Loom Pattern – DIY Bracelet

Hibiscus Flower Rainbow Loom Pattern - DIY Bracelet

Rainbow Loom is an ingenious toy, practically a plastic pegboard which you can use to turn colorful rubber bands into bracelets and other jewelry. It was created by Cheong Choon, a mechanical engineer, who created the toy-product in 2010, but the popularity of it started later in 2013. One of the many patterns you can create with the Rainbow Loom got our attention and we are talking about the hibiscus flower pattern. You will love it.

With the use of this pattern you can create a beautiful flower bracelet and besides enjoying the end results you will also enjoy the process of making. Your eyes will be delighted by the beautiful color combinations you can make. Use the complete and detailed instructions you can find in the video below and let yourself be a child for a short time. The investment is small and the possibilities of creations are basically endless. Choose your favorite rubber colors and start playing!

Photo courtesy: rainbowloompatterns.

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