Lovely Zipper Necklace – DIY

Lovely Zipper Necklace - DIY

If you are thinking in creating something unique from a zipper, this project is a good inspiration for you. It’s very simple to do in almost no time. The zipper necklace will give to every top a special appearance and will definitely take you out of the ordinary.

You will need:
– a zipper in the color of your choice;
– ribbon in a matching color with the zipper;
– mod podge;
– scissors and pins;
– sewing kit.

Directions: Detach in two pieces a new or old zipper and decide how tall you want the loops of the necklace to be (the ones from the picture are about 1.5″ in height). Apply some mod podge to the ends of it to prevent ripping and allow the mod ponge to dry before creating something.Take the half of a zipper and start to pin and create the loops. After you finished looping and pinning cut down the excess zipper and seal the top of it to prevent fraying. Grab the ribbon and stitch it to both ends of the zipper and that’s all. If you want to ad more “flavor” to the necklace you can use some nail polish and paint the metal teeth of the zipper. You will look more than just pretty with this necklace! Enjoy!

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Photo courtesy: micheleng.

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