Ombre Nail Art: The Sunset

Looking for summer nail looks that are both trendy and unique? Then here are the colors to go by either as a mix or whole. You can go with the turquoise or orange, but what would be fun is if you choose to mix them up together. After all, the summer is all about mixing it up and enjoying every bit of life and nature and color is also a great aspect of life under the sun. You will need: a nail polish remover to rid away of your now worn out nail polish and a new set of nail polishes to get started. You might also need a nail file and a colorless nail polish just to add a shinier look to the overall paint.


1. First, you have wash and file your nails in the desired shape so that after applying the nail polish they can have that attractive great look under the sun. You can start by applying a colorless nail polish as a base, so that when you choose your colored nail polish it won’t spoil the original white color of your nails. On the same note you can choose to apply the colorless nail polish, as a top coat, after you are done, to give the overall look a glossy touch.

2. Start by applying a turquoise nail polish on the half part of your nail and let it dry first, before applying the sherbet orange on the other half of your nail. There you have it two contrasting and complementing colors which look great together.

3. Now to make it even more beautiful you can sweep another coat of the orange nail polish but this time round make it overlap with the turquoise one. You can also add a touch of elegance by creating polish color strokes with a clean make-up brush or a clean wet clothe. You can do this from the base to the tip of your nail so as to diffuse the overlapping orange paint. The outcome will be even greater especially if the brush strokes are visible.

4. After you are done with all the nails and they are all dried up you can then start applying the topcoat over the fades. Just make sure that the fades are dried up otherwise you might ruin the whole design.

The overall look is stunning, lively and classy for the summer. So don’t miss out.

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sunset nail art

Photo: cosmopolitan.

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