The Toothbrush Trick for Hair Volumizing

Flat thin hair can be stressful especially when it makes your head look smaller. Many women obviously prefer longer hair with volume as it is a great look that no one can pass the chance to get when told how. I know by now you are calculating the costs to the hairdresser and thinking not. But the fact is that you can simply volumize your thin hair just by sitting in front of your mirror at home. The only thing you need to know is how to do it which I am going to show you by giving you a step by step analysis process of getting it done the right way together with the don’ts of it all. I must warn you that it might be time consuming, but after all it costs nothing compared to going to your local hair dresser.

1. First, make sure your hair is clean and dry before you even start to comb it all over the place. After this, you can start by combing all of your hair in case of any tangles, and then start the exciting hair volumizing process. This involves separating your hairs with a comb, probably start with the front part. When doing so make sure you run the comb up to the hair roots then part it about an inch away from your regular place of parting. This will help keep the teased portion of your hair hidden.
2. After doing so hold it in an upright position and backcomb it with a clean unused toothbrush. Yes, I now it sound funny but the toothbrush has bristles that are both soft and small thus making the added lift subtler and allowing you to retain more control when combing your hair which will normally be hard when using the regular hair brush, after all you do not want the 80s kind of volumized hair style or do you.
3. You then have to repeat the process all over again on both sides of the parted hair. Remember to tease it gently and slowly with the toothbrush otherwise you might develop a headache from all that pooling, parting and tossing of your hair. The process is the same for the remaining portions of hair, so take all the time you need because at the end of it all, you will have the volume of hair you so much desire.

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The Toothbrush Trick for Hair Volumizing

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