How To Make New And Trendy Straight-Across Brows

When it comes to eyebrows a lot of women get sensitive. Why? It is so difficult to get the right shape for them, then if you go and get your eyebrows done at the wrong person you might also get them too thin. Probably you know that a beautiful looking brow should have an arch and there are special techniques in order to achieve that. But not everyone looks good with arched eyebrows so we will show you a trick today on how you can make the new and trendy straight-across brows. We think that this might be the new trend in eyebrows shapes, the next one after the thick and bushy eyebrows. You don’t need special beauty skills to make this, it might actually be easier to shape your brows this way rather than doing the arch. If you never had them, try to make these straight-across brows at least at once to see how it looks on you.

How To Make New And Trendy Straight-Across Brows

What you will need:
– heavy duty concealer (it has to be thick and with good coverage);
– small makeup brush to apply the concealer;
– your brow kit that has in it some brow powder and pencil for shaping;
– angled brush to apply the powder.

1. Take your concealer brush with concealer on it and start with covering the top of the arch of your brows with the product.
2. If your eyebrows are a little too long, cover a bit of the ends too, like you can see in the picture.
3. Start shaping the brows using your brow kit. You will draw an almost straight line from the inner corner of the brow to the outer one at the bottom of the brow, and something similar on the upper part too.
4. Fill in the brows with product and if you want to go a little extreme you might as well shave the ends of the brows a little bit so nothing can be seen there.
5. That was all, see if you enjoy them this way and keep improving the technique each time!

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