Things You Can Do to Fix Your Thin Eyebrows

Whether it’s an accident or by nature, having thin eyebrows is a nightmare for some. Growing them is definitely not an easy task, but it’s impossible to turn a blind eye on your eyebrows when they play a vital role on your face. You may recall a saying that goes, “If eyes were a painting, then eyebrows are the frame.” A beautiful painting would undoubtedly look even better with a frame as beautiful.

Thin or over-plucked eyebrows can be a problem, true; but don’t lose hope. Here, we have compiled several tips you can put into practice for a bolder, thicker brows.

Foto: goodsfromthenet
Foto: Goodsfromthenet

1. Stop tweezing them
Yes, your eyebrows may grow on random spots and make you look unkempt (!!) but if you stop plucking or waxing them, there’s a good chance you can grow better brows. Don’t feel down if your eyebrows aren’t identical with one another; that’s just how they’re meant to be. So put the tweezers down and stop being stressed over your brows!

2. Tweeze them in a row method
Tweezing eyebrows in rows meaning you pluck out only hairs, that are in a sense ‘stranded’ or plucking hairs that are not close to your brow. However, this means you have to continually tweeze the ‘stranded’ hairs from time to time.

3. Exfoliate them
Not only your skin, your eyebrows actually need to be exfoliated. Exfoliating them can actually make thin eyebrows grow, and you’d only need a toothbrush to do the trick.

4. Use brow razors
Not many of us are familiar with this tool, but according to an esthetician, brow razors are easier to use and speed up growth.

5. Put on serum
Hair growth serum is often a good choice for those with hair loss problem, but do you know there are serums to promote eyelashes and eyebrows growth?

6. Fill them in
Last but not the least, the power of makeup! Filling in your eyebrows allows you to have fuller eyebrows without spending a lot. Make sure you watch tutorials on how to fill them in without looking unnatural.

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  1. I’ve been keeping my eyebrows very thin for the last 10+ years but now trying to let them grow to get thicker eyebrows popular nowadays.
    After using the Dermalmd eyelash serum for 2 weeks I started seeing thin new hair growing in the area where they didn’t grow in years.

  2. I have very thin eyebrows from when I plucked them for the first time, tiny black dot like marks, from the start of eyebrows growing, have started to appear, I would just let them grow but I am afraid that they will take too long and my eyebrows will look awful with all the black like dots above(that are very noticeable)I wish that I could get rid of the black dots and my eyebrows could be thicker and be more full. I would use makeup but I am allergic to a lot of brands, I always end up coming up in red spot because of it and my doctor recommends I don’t use any……I feel broken inside and I wish I would never have plucked them at all! Can anyone help me with a useful solution. Please!

  3. I have very thin and short eyebrows and i want to get thicker brows, what can i do? What products should i use?

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