How To Draw Natural Looking Eyebrows When You Have None

We have been showing you a lot of ways you can create beautifully shaped eyebrows, we have presented you several techniques that give amazing results and we are sure you had a lot of benefit out of them. Teaching how to shape eyebrows if fun, compared to teaching how to draw eyebrows. Unfortunately, a lot of us women, because of age or from too much plucking, we end up having less and less hair in the eyebrows section and some of us end up having even none.

If you’re not the lucky one that has bushy eyebrows, then you will have to find alternatives to make them as nice as you can. We know it is hard to have no brows, but not impossible to make new ones! You just have to get used to having a small eyebrow drawing routine in the morning and that is all. If you want natural looking brows it will be best for you to follow this amazing tutorial that really is wow, the results look exceptional.

How To Draw Natural Looking Eyebrows When You Have None

What you will need: eyebrows kit(pencil, brush, powder) with eyebrows pencil in the color that is in match with your hair and skin.

Directions: Look in the mirror and decide where you want your brows to be, where they have to start and where they have to end, together with how thick you want them to look. Good thing about not having eyebrows is that you can decide everyday if you want them to have the same shape or not, you can basically and easily change the shape of them whenever. Keep in mind to draw the brows over the area where you had your real ones, that is where they will look the most natural. Start from the inner corner and make small hair strands looking lines on the brow area to imitate real ones. You can see in the pictures how they should look like. They also should be directed outwards so take that in consideration. Try to make left and right side the same for the best visual effect and use some powder over them if you think it is necessary! Enjoy your new brows!

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  1. What type and name of pencil did you use.ive been searching for a very thin pencil to make hairs look real like this .thanks

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