How To Fight Cold And Flu

Winter season is the period of the year when most people get cold and flu, rapid changes in temperature and the bodies inability to adapt are just some of the reasons that trigger them. But there is no set rule, there are also people who fight with the diseases even in summer or the rest of the year. The most sensitive people who are predisposed to deal with a flu or cold are the ones who have a weaker immune system. Once the infection sets in, the body will start to fight to heal itself and eliminate the infection.

All the symptoms that come with a cold, even coughing, are triggered by the defense mechanism and don’t worry if you experience them on a lower or higher intensity. Because we know that cold and flu are not fun to deal with and sometimes you have no idea how to help your body heal faster, especially when you need to go to work, we come with a few ways that help you decrease all pain and tiredness that you are experiencing and you will be able to start again all your day to day activities.

How To Fight Cold And Flu

How To Fight Cold And Flu:

1. Relax and stay warm – rest is essential as it helps the immune system to use the bodies energy to fight the disease. Try to do less physical work during these times, at least for 2 days!

2. Drink a lot of liquids – and they need to be warm because they help with relieving runny nose, keep you hydrated and relieve your suffering. Drink teas and eat warm soups.

3. Take hot showers – they will soothe the body and will relieve your nose. Use water as warm as you can bear on skin, it is the best and take care not to burn yourself if the water is too hot.

4. Stop traveling for a while – first, because you need rest and second because you don’t want to pass the germs to the people you meet. If you plan to air travel and if it is not a must, better postpone it as the changes in pressure in your ears can make them more sensitive to infections. Every travel makes you feel more tired and weak, you need to rest.

5. See a doctor – a lot of times you might just think you have a simple flu, but the things might be actually more complicated. You never know if you might develop or already have bronchitis, sinus infection or meningitis. It is good to check, especially if the symptoms don’t go away in a few days, might be a sign there is something more going on there inside your body.

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