Stunning Way To Braid Up Your Ponytail

When you think about classic hairstyles for sure you can think about ponytails. When you don’t want to keep your hair down, next easiest thing you can do with it is to tie it into a ponytail. If you are the type of person who loves to be free, not thinking about how the wind might blow your hair and ruin your hairstyle or sometimes from commodity you might not want to wash it, consider to try this braided ponytail look. It is a combination between simple classic and complex elegant and can be worn no matter the time of the day. It looks quite impressive and the longer the hair the better it looks on it. You can do this by yourself, but if you will find it a little difficult, ask a friend to help you!

Stunning Way To Braid Up Your Ponytail

What you will need:
– several hair bands;
– some bobby pins;
– hair clips;
– hairspray (optional).

1. Gather your hair into a very high ponytail (you want to make it as high as possible so it stands out more).
2. Use two bobby pins on left and right side to split the ponytail and make it cover a larger area of the head (check the picture to see how).
3. Take two not very thick, quite thin, hair strands and secure them in an “x” with a hair clip. You will prepare this, because you will make a fishtail braid. Remove the bobby pins and go to the next step.
4. Continue taking small hair strands from the back of both left and right sides and keep making a fishtail braid by overlapping one over the other.
5. Do these movements until you reach the bottom where is no hair left to be braided and secure with a hair band. You can loosen the braid a little bit for even more volume and use hairspray to make sure it lasts for a long time!

Photo courtesy: ranknepal.

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