A Hairstyle for Elegance – The Braided Crown

It is time to give your lovely locks a gorgeous twist with this tutorial that helps you work a Dutch braid into a crown that sits pretty atop your head! The epitome of elegance, this look is easy to create with a just a wee bit of practice and some magic with your skilled fingers. Let us take you through it step by step. But before we get started, it is important to have your hair thoroughly prepared; else the hairdo might not hold and may appear messy. So wash, blow dry, curl and apply a volume mousse a day before.

1. You do not want any knots as you move through your hairstyle. So make sure you brush your hair well before you begin braiding.

2. Look into the mirror and try to visualize a halo around your head. This is where the crown of the braid will look best

3. Now, braid your hair starting from behind the ear and make sure that it is set low.

4. Start making a Dutch braid. It is much the same as a French one, just that it is set in reverse. Make three sections of your hair and cross them under.

5. Starting from the front of the hairline, keep working on it, adding hair from both sides as you gradually reach the nape of your neck

6. Once you have reached here, finish the braid in a regular fashion and secure with a rubber-band.

7. Take it around over your head, tuck the tail of the braid under and pin it in place

8. Stretch your braid from the sides to make it look fuller and thicker

9. You could also finish it up with some hairspray for extra hold!

This style looks divine and goes with flowing feminine dresses as well as chic street clothing. Whether casual or formal, this hairdo is sure to make a statement at any event!


Photo courtesy: hairromance.

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