8 Ways You Can Use A Toothbrush Other Than Brushing Your Teeth

Toothbrushes should be present in every health conscious house and we are sure most people use them. They are used to clean the teeth and keep them healthy for a longer time. Probably you wouldn’t think that there are are even more ways you can use a toothbrush other than the classic way, but we tell you that it has numerous functions and it is a powerful device in your home! Small annoying things and situations can be easily solved with it and you will make it your new best friend, not only when it comes to brushing your teeth!

8 Ways you can use a toothbrush other than brushing your teeth:
1. Mascara brush – when you apply mascara to your lashes and they just stick together in clumps you can become very annoyed, but not if you have a clean toothbrush. You can literally use it to separate your lashes and make them look gorgeous.

2. Nail brush – if you have long nails and you just did a certain activity that involves dirt to accumulate under them, you can use the toothbrush to clean them and also to remove the cuticles when you are doing your own manicure.

3. Hair Brush – there can be three situations when you might need it, the first one, when you are fighting frizzy hair and your hair is tied in a ponytail, you can use it together with some hairspray to brush small hair strands. The second way is to use it to tease your hair. The other situation is that it can help you when you use dry shampoo, it helps the shampoo to spread easier in the greasy hair when you use it to brush your roots.

Ways You Can Use A Toothbrush Other Than Brushing Your Teeth

4. Eyebrows straightener – if your brows are messy and they need a little fix, a toothbrush can be a great help! Just brush the hair the same way as you would use an eyebrow brush.

5. Lips Smoothener – you probably know how important it is to exfoliate the skin, it makes it smooth and silky. Lips shouldn’t be neglected either, as dead skin accumulates on them too. By using a soft brush and circular moves you can safely exfoliate your lips and remove any dry or dead skin.

6. Beauty Utensil – when you use certain facial masks a toothbrush can be used successfully to apply the product on face. It can also be used to exfoliate dead skin on the face as long as you keep the process gentle, you don’t want to irritate your skin.
7. Ingrown Hair Remover – either you are shaving or waxing your hair, ingrown hair is a serious problem in both cases. When you have it and the area becomes bumpy, you can always use some exfoliator on a toothbrush and gently make the bumps disappear. It is very effective!
8. Makeup Brush Cleaner – if your beauty tools start becoming dirty and they need a clean, make sure you give them a proper clean. Every brush has tiny spaces where the dirt accumulates and in those places you can’t do any cleaning with your hands, that is why a toothbrush is very useful, it can get in those small corners where you can’t!


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