Perfect Brow Shaping Technique

Brows are extremely important when it comes to beauty. A well shaped brow changes the appearance of the person and definitely makes the face look much better. For that reason, always take good care of them and that doesn’t mean excessive plucking. Excessive plucking can make you look cheap and even sick and probably you have seen that thick brows are in trend for a while now, they make the person look much younger. How many times you have tried to shape your brows but with no success, as you lack the technique? Probably many, but don’t let yourself discouraged by that. We have an easy, natural and perfect looking brow shaping technique for you.

Perfect Brow Shaping Technique

What you will need:
– tweezers;
– scissors;
– eyebrow brush;
– thin angled brush;
– brow filler in the color that best suits you.

1. Brush your eyebrows very well and with the scissors cut any hair that looks strange around the shape of your brows.
2. Take the tweezers and pick all the small hairs that stand out and look unnatural. Don’t start thickening your brows. Leave their natural shape and pick around them.
3. Take the small angled brush and start filling the brow starting from the bottom line.
4. Now, fill in the middle area of the brow.
5. Fill in the upper part and in the same time give a nice and smooth curve to your brows with the filler, you don’t want anything too extravagant.
6. Your eyebrows should be ready!

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