How To Make A Chic Dog Sweater – DIY

Do you own a furry friend? You know anyone who owns one? If yes, save this project for you and your friends! Make this cute and chic dog sweater from one of your old sweaters. It is such an easy diy project that you will be amazed how fast you will make it. You can adapt it also to your cat, if you feel like, or if you don’t have animals, friends who have will love a gift like this. The good thing about this project is that can be done on almost every old sweater you have and you can create a full wardrobe to your lovely dog.

How To Make A Chic Dog Sweater - DIY

What you will need:
– old, worn out sweater;
– scissors;
– sewing kit (only if the fabric needs that).

1. Put your sweater on a plain surface and cut down one sleeve of it by following the curve of the shoulder seam (make sure the sleeve is wide enough to fit your dog’s chest).
2. Take the piece and put it on a plane surface, then make 2 holes where the dog will insert his front legs, follow the picture to see how it should look. Don’t make the holes too big as they will widen, but take care also to not make them too small so your dog feels uncomfortable.
3. Cut the sleeve to desired length if it is too long (if your doggy is small the fabric might be too long, so you will need to measure).
4. Fold the edges half inch under and hem.
5. Dress your cute and little dog or cat with the new fashion clothing you just made!

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