Holly Jolly Christmas Jello Shots – Recipe

These Holly Jolly Jello Shots make part of the perfect festive finger food recipes. Easy, cute and not so complicated to do, delicious and cheeky, are the words that describe best these shots. And the colors picked, are exactly what you need for this period of the year, can it be Christmas without red, white and green? Of course, not! Note that for this recipe we use some vodka and if you want to make it non alcoholic, just skip adding the vodka to the mixture and you will enjoy them even so!

Holly Jolly Christmas Jello Shots - Recipe

– one 3 ounce box cherry gelatin dessert;
– one 3 ounce box lime gelatin dessert;
– 3 packets of unflavored gelatin;
– one 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk;
– 1 and half cups of vanilla vodka;
– 36 dollops whipped cream (to use for garnish);
– 36 mint leaves (to use for garnish);
– 72 small red candies (or 36 if using just one for garnish);
– cooking spray;
– different kitchen utensils and bowls and you will absolutely need a measuring cup and a square dish to pour the gelatin into it.

1. Prepare the square dish by coating it with cooking spray.
2. You start making the gelatin and for every layer you will need to do this: have a big bowl and some boiling water prepared to the side.
3. For the red layer: sprinkle half of the pack of unflavored gelatin over ¼ cup of water. Let the gelatin soak for 1-2 minutes. Add over, one box of cherry gelatin with one cup of boiling water. Dissolve all the ingredients. Now, this is the optional part, add 3/4 cup of vodka to the mix and if you want it non-alcoholic just skip this step or add a few drops of vanilla extract to the taste.
4. Do the same for the green layer as you did for the red layer.
5. For the unflavored gelatin you will do this: take the remaining 2 packs and put them into a bowl, then pour half cup of boiling water over. Allow it to soak for 1-2 minutes then pour in one cup of boiling water and the 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk. Stir until everything is dissolved.
6. Add half of the red gelatin into the square dish and let it cool down in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.You know it is ready when you press with your fingers and it is solid.
7. Go to the second layer, the white one, you want to make sure it is at room temperature when you pour it over, if not, it will melt the red layer and the colors will mix. Pour about the same amount of gelatin as you used for the red layer then place it in the fridge to cool down.
8.Go for the third layer of green using, again, about the same amount as for the previous ones then let the green cool down too.
9. Continue with another white layer, then a red one, then a white one and finish with the remaining green.
10. After all of your gelatin is ready, gently invert it onto a cutting board and cut into squares.
11.Place a few on a serving plate and start decorating with: whipped cream, mint leaves and the red candy.
12. Decorate the rest too and your Holly Jolly Jello Shots are ready!

Source: Tablespoon.

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  1. Pour the Jell-O mixture into each of the shot glasses. Place the shot glasses into the refrigerator until the Jell-o sets, about 2 hours.

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