Macrame is a form of working with knots in order to make textiles and different forms out of thin or thick strands. It is quite difficult technique, probably more difficult than crocheting and knitting and the people who know it are really talented. There are many macrame patterns people can try and make. Today, we will present you some macrame owls, which are quite complicated to make, there are several ways you can use macrame techniques to make them and you will see here a few examples.

If you are a person who would like to start learning how to make macrame you should begin with making easy bracelet patterns (see examples: DIY Amazing Braided Bracelet and DIY Friendship Bracelets) then go for more difficult things to make, like these owls. These beautiful things can be used as pendants and as decorations in the house (depending on the size they are). Besides their special way of looking, they can also be considered unique, as each and every one can be made that way, unique and color and material customizable. Look at the models and tell us what you think about them, would you have the patience to start learning doing things like this?

1. Owl Pendant DIY-macrame-owls-7

If you decide to create the pendant owls above you will find the instructions on Etsy or you can choose to make some similar ones by following the steps in the videos below:

2. RainBow Macrame Owl Necklace


To create this type of owl necklaces you will have to follow the instructions presented HERE or to check out this directions: Macrame Owl Tutorial.

Photo courtesy: 1. knotjustmacrame; 2. youyou965.

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