How to Apply Insta Gel Strips

Today, most women have a hectic lifestyle, dealing with jobs, boyfriends, maybe family, children and friends, and over all of this they have to be beautiful and take care of themselves. With all of this a woman has to know how to divide her time in order to make the most of it. Luckily, lots of things have been invented to help the busy woman nowadays and one of them are the insta gel strips that are easy to apply, doesn’t require a lot of time to be put on the nails and they last long. They come in different colors and designs and are easy to carry too, so you can take them with you even on vacation. So, lets see how you can apply them correctly and easily.


How to apply insta gel strips: Prepare and clean your nails before putting anything on them. Select the strips for each nail and start applying them one by one by using a flat side stick. Smooth and perfect the nail then gently pull the app to remove excess length. Use a strong nail file and remove the excess then perfect the shape with it. Apply top coat and a thin layer of cure then put the nail under the LED light for 30 seconds. After removing nail from under the lamp use alcohol to wipe it and perfect it. Nails done!

Photo courtesy: curlsnpearls.

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