Vintage Eyeliner Tutorial Using Tape

There are so many ways you can line your eyes and apply eyeliner on them. We have previously showed you lots of ways in order to do that, but never showed you how to make it with scotch tape. This method is amazing for women who are not so experimented in makeup and they need a little help in order to create a perfect line. It’s great because with taping you have a model, a pattern you can follow and even if you make mistakes and go over the line, it will still look great when you remove the tape.

What you will need:

– some tape;
– eyeliner;
– scissors.


1. We will start with one eye and show you how to do it then you will do the same for the other eye. Take the scissors and cut a thin and longer piece of tape you will put on your lid as you can see in the picture.

2. Take another piece of tape, this time a smaller one and stick it to the outer corner of the eye in a way that it will create a perfect line when you will apply the eyeliner. Between the 2 tapes you should have a V like shape.

3. Apply whatever eyeliner you have in between the tape, inside the V shape and let it dry a little bit.

4. Remove the tape gently and your vintage eyline is ready and perfect!

Vinatge-winged-eyeliner Photo courtesy: blogcheztoi.

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