Graffiti Art for Your Nails

Gorgeous haphazard art on walls can look great, when done artistically and with the right mix of colours. That is the real appeal of graffiti! And guess what, with the help of this easy breezy tutorial, you can get that graffiti spunk right onto your nails! Getting even one stroke out of place when painting your nails can be quite an upsetting matter. And we will turn exactly this into awesome graffiti! Let’s check out how to achieve this edgy look!

You will need the following nail paints:
– base coat;
– Navy Blue;
– Silver;
– Gold;
– Top coat.

Let’s go!

1. Prepare your nails by filing them and pushing the cuticles back.

2. Apply a basecoat, and one coat of navy blue to act as a base for your graffiti.

3. Grab the silver nail paint and gently drag the brush on the sides of the bottle to get the lacquer off. This is required so that you have minimum paint on the brush and are able to see the strokes on your navy blue base.

4. Apply random 3-4 random strokes with this silver paint on each nail.

5. Now, do the same with the gold polish in the spaces left in-between.

6. Allow to dry.

7. Finish off with a topcoat to give it a glossy chip-resistant finish!

There you go! Ultra chic graffiti elegance on your nails in a matter of minutes!

Graffiti Art for your Nails

Photo courtesy: cosmopolitan.

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