From Work to Date – 4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Outfit

At work, and thinking about that wonderful date up ahead in the evening? Oh, but there is obviously no way you can stash a lovely cocktail dress under your desk! We surely have been caught up in this situation too many times, but here we will read up some tips on how to make the transition from boardroom-siren to a date-diva in just a couple of minutes!

1. Keep it basic: Black is the colour of the night and also makes for a rocking canvas on which you can easily improvise to turn basic work wear into an elegant piece of evening wear! Wear a black dress with an interesting neckline. You could also wear your dress with a formal looking shrug that you can later abandon!

2. The magic of accessories: Something that can easily fit into your bag, accessories have real transformational powers! A nice statement necklace coupled with subtle yet statement earrings and a bracelet to go and you are so ready for that date!

3. High-Heels: The ultimate glam quotient-enhancer, swap your work flats with a pair of stilettos. Interchange with high-heeled boots if the weather is cozy-cold or romantic-rainy!

4. Be weather-ready: Be it winter or summer, always remember to layer your clothing. Your office may be a climate-controlled environment, but the moment you step out, it could be a different world altogether! Keep shrugs, stoles and jackets handy to keep you warm. You don’t want him to think you are going all jelly-kneed over him, when it’s actually the cold that’s taking its toll on you!

If you have gone through the above very carefully, you are sure to blend your office and date wear together, and easily transform into the other when needed! Have fun!

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