Stay In The Spotlight: Style That Keeps You Shining

Whether you’re working from the office or staying home this year, it’s always time to shine! Especially now, when the Holiday season is upon us. Shiny and sparkly decorations are appearing on your city’s streets – try to blend in. How? With these stylish tips, of course!

The metallic trend has been in and out for the last few years, but when Christmas is coming, it’s high time to open the closet and pull out your glam clothes and accessories. Make a statement, stand out from the crowd – even if you’re only preparing for your Zoom meeting. And don’t worry about wearing metallic fabrics, sequins and lurex during daytime – just follow the guidelines below, and you’ll look amazing every time.

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Of course, there can be too many shiny things – you need to carefully select the pieces to compliment your outfit. To look stylish and not childish, combine bold accessories with muted tones of larger pieces, and the other way round.

Ready to shine? Read on to see the best tips to stand in the spotlight.

1. Choose the Right Accessories

Start small – with shiny details and accessories. One is often enough – it looks stylish and catches the eye. Don’t be afraid to experiment – try new things, for example, gold scarfs or Iced Out Rings – test them out and see how they look with your style and the rest of your clothes. At first glance, you may find some items “too much” – but very often, when rightly combined, they will become a special something in your wardrobe.

If you’re only starting with shiny, metallic items, choose those with a practical style and a neutral shade that’ll easily blend in with the rest of your wardrobe. Try wearing shiny shoes, bags, or even socks; or, if you want to start really small, shiny nails will look great. Use sparkly accents to help direct the eyesight – for example, emphasize your neck with a shining necklace or your curves with a beaded belt.

2. Match the Metallic Tones

Of course, you can put on several shiny items at once – you just need to match them rightly. There’s a tip here: never wear two or more things of the same metallic tone. Don’t go full-yellow gold – instead, try a jacket of one golden tone, and a few rings of another. Combine a metallic blue scarf with silver shoes – people won’t be able to get their eyes off of you.

Of course, you should choose the color combos wisely – gold works well with whites and browns, rose gold with pinks, silver – with blacks. Mixing metallics in jewelry is also an excellent idea – this way, you’ll be going for more of a chic look. Pair the metallics with neutrals if you want to achieve a safe but elegant outfit, or go for matching shiny materials and accessories to stand out. However, don’t pair metallic clothing with bright colors (shoes are an exception) – it will look cheap.

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3. Wear a Large Shiny Item

Try putting on a big shiny item in a sophisticated shape to achieve an exquisite look, or go for the casual shape to look cool. You can play with styles as well as with tones and colors – in the daytime, combine basics with the metallics, and if you want to catch somebody’s eye, choose alternative shiny colors, like violet or ultramarine.

Of course, if you dare to put on a big shiny item, try not to add any more sparkle in order to stay elegant. For example, a glittery metal jacket will look stylish and edgy when combined with a simple white jumpsuit.

4. Casual is Always Good

If you want to shine in the daylight, the main rule is to keep it casual. Balance the sparkle with raw fabric, loose cuts, or fun prints. Be confident to wear chunky knitwear with shiny trousers or used jeans with metallic boots. Don’t take it too seriously, and wear natural or no makeup, combined with simple hairstyles.

If you want to bring a shiny touch to your daily life, look into metallic footwear. It’s a classic, they will blend in easily with the rest of your wardrobe, and at the same time, it’s like you’re making a statement. If you want to look more elegant, invest in a pair of metallic closed-toe Valentinos. Choosing the right shoes for the occasion won’t be a problem anymore.

3. Act Like It

Sometimes you just want to shine – whether it is to feel better or because the occasion demands it. In such situations, don’t hesitate to look for sparkly accessories and metallic items. If you’re too shy to go full in, start small, with shiny bracelets and shoes. However, if you want to be the center of attention, combine metallic tones, and become the queen of the evening.

Confidence is key, no matter the situation. Whether you’re going to a work meeting or a club – you will need a certain level of confidence to pull off your outfit with style. Remember, you look amazing, so act like it!

Keep being AllDayChic!

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