Get The Look – The Moon Manicure with Gold Leaf

nails with gold leaf

If you’re looking for a great nail idea, this moon manicure might be the answer you’re seeking for. The moon nail art was incorporated several times throughout different prestigious fashion shows, but the good news is you can actually recreate the look at home without any professional aide.

To get the look, you’d need to make an upside down crescent shape, with gold-colored cuticle on each nail. The manicure itself doesn’t require complicated tools or gruesome process; yet you can rest assured the final result is more than stunning. Ready? Let’s start!

To begin, you’d need: manicure tools, clear top coat, base coats for nails, black nail polish, 1/4 of a sheet of imitation gold leaf or any gold foil and glue. Once you get everything ready, let’s start recreating the look.

Procedure: as usual, prepare your nails using the base coat. Apply the coating evenly, and wait until it’s dried up. While doing so, cut the gold foil into small pieces and glue them on your nails. Press carefully to smooth out the wrinkles. Next, easily remove the foils and seal with top coat. Next, place brush in middle of nail, or leave ¼ inch of the cuticle. Sweep in a curved motion to the side of your nail and repeat in the opposite direction. Once you’re done with both sides, fill in the middle. If you want an even smoother look, repeat with a second coat of polish once the surface is evened out.

The manicure would look especially better if you have long nails with round shape. You can also experiment the look with other colors, like silver or gold nail polish. You can also juggle between matte and glossy polishes. Make sure you try out this gorgeous trend!

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