Amazing and Easy to Wear Top Beach Dress


Easy dresses are a must-have for running around on a hot summer day or for throwing over a swimsuit at the beach. You can try one with a simple, but interesting tailoring, to keep the casual look tailored and well fitted. Easy to wear and with a maximum effect, this Paula Victoria Top Beach Dress will give you for sure a happy mood. This gorgeous piece features a low back and a crisscross front without any knots or ties to complicate things. All you need to do is put your arms through the corner loops and you can just enjoy being chic and casual.

You will need:
– a large scarf you usually wear on the beach or a rectangular piece of fabric;
– some lacing or ribbons;
– needle and thread.

Directions: Take two corners that are on the length of your scarf and sew them around your desired ribbon, in such way that your arms will pass through them easily. You can make yourself this dress in the simplest way possible.

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