Stylish Summer Beach Looks In Trend This Year

It’s time to start dreaming of the beach! What’s hot and not to wear to the sea? How can you keep your glamorous look going with salt in your hair and sand on your skin? Let’s take a look.

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Do I Need a Suit?

You’re at the beach, so yes. Even if you don’t want to take a swim, you are going to look the odd-one-out if you don’t come to the beach ready. Plus, if you get wet accidentally, or have to dive in to save someone’s super-cute kid or pooch, you’ll be prepared.

Lucky for all of us, gone are the days where swimsuits looked one way and were built for one body. You can get everything from a burkini or a full scuba-ready rash guard and leggings to one-pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and even swim bras and dresses like the flattering swimwear by Calypsa. Whatever makes you feel great will work.

Stay Sun Safe

Now, the very height of beach fashion. Your sunscreen. No point in working on a flawless complexion just to toss it all away. Because sunscreens protect from skin cancer, too, they’re important on dark and light skins. Try for a reef-safe brand, since you’re at the sea.

Fortunately, taking your sunscreen along means you have an amazing chance to find some other sun-safe accessories. Who wouldn’t love the old Hollywood touch of a wide-brimmed straw hat? Sunglasses are just attractive. And, of course, the wonderful beach bag you need to haul around your goodies.

Sun-kissed looks

So, now time to experiment with some fun and flirty beach looks. This is the perfect space for all those easy-breezy layers of sheer fabric you can’t wear anywhere else. Floaty shawls, kaftans, chiffon, and lace kimonos- they all work.

The beach and maxi dresses go hand-in-hand, too… imagine yourself floating along the beach at sunset in your gorgeous hat, sand-sprinkled feet, and your perfect dress flapping in the wind! Don’t do long dresses? Try a light cotton sundress in a floral print.

Shoes? Yes and no. We’d vote yes, though, because you don’t want to step on unpleasant things. No need to make it ugly flops, however. Think jeweled sandals, bright leather thongs, or funky printed espadrilles. And if you really don’t want shoes, finish the look with an ‘eternity sandal’ foot jewel.

Can I wear accessories?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t go with ‘real’ jewelry, though, as salt can degrade metal and some gems. Here’s the time for fun, chunky, and bright costume jewelry. We recommend natural fibers, leather, wood, glass, beadwork, and hey, maybe some fun plastics and resins.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

How do I choose prints and colors?

Neons, bold jewels, pastels, prints…no black, guys. It’s the beach. Rather think bold patterns, color block, and flirty florals. Can’t be parted from black? At least make it a fun black-and-white monochrome print. White-and-jewel stripes scream nautical, too, and have a touch of glamor everyone can enjoy.

And there you have it! Some fun and whimsical beach fashion inspiration just for you. Don’t forget to have fun too!

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