What Are The Main Jewelry Trends This Year

Is it possible to find the perfect jewelry accessories for yourself without the help of a stylist? Absolutely! A stylist says that the right jewelry is inspiring hope through faith-inspired jewelry. And today I’m going to tell you how to do that. Let’s start with what should be part of every woman’s basic jewelry closet.

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A basic jewelry capsule:

The base should be without flashy colored stones, not massive, not overpowering.

  • Ring. For example, a classic solitaire or minimalist, without a stone.
  • Earrings. Possesses or with an English lock. Minimalist, with or without stones.
  • A chain. One in gold, one in silver or white gold.
  • Bracelet. The main recommendation is that it must fit the type of hand.

Top 6 trends:

1. Mono-earring

What kind of jewelry can you complement a mono-earring?

Someone complements with a minimalist earring in the same style: for example, a large flower and a small petal. But the mono-earring can safely be worn solo. The jewelry itself is so complete and on its own, that it is not worth complementing the portrait area with something else. As for bracelets and rings – this is at your discretion.

What kind of clothes will be suitable for a mono-earring?

A mono-earring is first of all asymmetry, that is why it is well combined with an asymmetric top or dress, and with an open shoulder and collarbone, the image will look as effective as possible. But it is quite possible to wear it with a regular shirt (the exception is a long mono-earring, which will simply get lost behind the collar). It also looks good with close-fitting clothes, for example, with a long sleeve under the neck.

Reason to wear a mono-earring

Depends on its size. They can be small, even in the form of a Kaffe – these can be worn every day to work. But if we are talking about massive, bright, stones, they are suitable for some solemn occasion, for example, the wedding of friends or corporate parties.

With what hairstyles to combine a mono-earring?

It is best when the hair is gathered, or there is a comb or wave on one side.

2. Nautical motifs

Wearing nautical-themed jewelry in the summer is natural, common, but somewhat corny. And with winter sweaters, especially coarsely knit, they will look much more interesting. When it’s cold outside and you have earrings in the form of fish and corals, then, on the one hand, it looks original, but on the other hand – you lift your spirits because you remember the summer and the sea.

Where can I wear jewelry in the sea theme?

They are more suitable for everyday occasions than for a festive event. As a rule, this is minimalistic, not massive jewelry. So I would refer this trend to the casual style.

3. Mother-of-pearl

Mother-of-pearl is one of the first materials for jewelry, which people learned how to process. It would seem to be just the inside of a shell, but if you look at how beautifully mother-of-pearl shimmers, there’s no question why it’s so appealing.

What kind of clothing would nacre jewelry be appropriate for?

Pearlescent jewelry is very accentuating and also quite large. Therefore, it is better to combine them with clothes without prints and rough textures. In the fall, mother-of-pearl is beautifully combined with all kinds of turtlenecks of thick knitwear. It will look very beautiful with white and milk shirts and will play especially well with black shirts. The main recommendation is to choose the clothing so that the jewelry was in the foreground.

What makeup should I wear to match mother-of-pearl jewelry?

Under the nacre is best suited nude makeup. Since the product itself shimmers, you can emphasize it with highlighter or nacreous shadows.

Can nacre be combined with other accessories?

Something minimalistic without stones will do for a nacre set. If you want to complement a mother-of-pearl necklace, create a layered effect with a simple chain.

Reason to wear mother-of-pearl jewelry

Nacre immediately adds style points to any look and does not imply any special occasion: it can be worn both with casual looks and for an event. It combines perfectly with a business suit and shirt.

4. Pearls

Some people think pearls are jewelry for women aged 40+, as they supposedly look old. But this stereotype is long in the past. They are also suitable for young girls; for instance, in minimalist jewelry. All the time there is a greater and greater demand for baroque pearls, i.e. untreated irregularly shaped beads.

In the past, they were considered a defect and were discarded, but thanks to the current worldwide trend for variety, they are very popular with the public. Jewelry made of them is especially popular among young people: for them, the imperfect baroque pearl is a challenge to the common rules of beauty.

What kind of clothes can I wear pearls with?

Baroque pearls are usually quite large. The monochrome image will look more harmonious to accentuate the jewelry. It may be combined with casual style – jeans, pants, shirts. Also at the peak of interest is the combination of incongruity, so baroque pearls can be safely worn with oversize and even with tracksuits.

What accessories may pearls be combined with?

Hats and Panama hats go well with pearl jewelry. But it would be better not to experiment with caps. You may support pearls with gold or silver minimalist pieces. But you should not wear them with trendy plastic and beaded jewelry.

5. Accent necklaces and massive chains

This trend was shaped by the pandemic and the era of zoom meetings: even sitting at home, women wanted to add some particularly striking accent to their image.

What do massive chains go with?

Chains can be both independent pieces of jewelry, and fit into any image, stay in the background. With them, you can make an accent on the clothes, for example, a leopard blouse or a massive pattern with flowers, roses, and stones in the Versace style. Chains go well with plain metal and plastic jewelry.

What do accent necklaces go with?

A massive necklace should be an accent that is backed by minimalist jewelry and understated clothing. But if it’s a simpler necklace, it can be paired with another chain or choker.

Where is it better to wear massive chains and where is an accent necklace?

Chains are versatile soldiers that are suitable for a formal exit, casual option, and even for a tracksuit.

A necklace, especially a bright and massive one, is still a decoration for going out, so it will be more appropriate to look at events. But now as there are no strict rules of jewelry, you may wear it without a solemn occasion.

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6. Sautoir

Sautoirs are gradually passing to classic jewelry because they are present in the collections of almost every jewelry brand.

With what kind of clothes do sautoirs go well?

Sautoir itself is quite accentuated because its length is usually more than 50 cm. The most unusual way to wear it is on the back, but many still prefer to wear it on the chest. The sautoir is combined with a shirt with cleavage, long sleeves, turtlenecks, sweaters, all kinds of fit knitwear, even with a sports style t-shirt – this jewelry will complement any image and make it more interesting.

What jewelry can I combine the sautoir with?

To create a layered image, the sautoir can be complemented by simple chains.

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