Geometric Cut-Out Tee – DIY

Geometric Cut-Out Tee - DIY

From a plain and simple t-shirt you can create a beautiful geometric cut-out tee you can wear basically everywhere, even for a night out. This project it’s simple, it’s fast and costs almost nothing, especially if you already have a t-shirt forgotten somewhere in your closet, so the investment is minimal.

You will need:
– a basic t-shirt in any color you want;
– pins;
– scissors;
– fabric chalk;
– template.

Directions: Print out the template and cut out the design of it so you can make the drawing on the t-shirt. Place the paper on the back of the t-shirt where you want the design to be and start marking with chalk around the shapes. Take the scissors and cut out the fabric parts and you are finished with the back of it. Take the template again and use it for the front of the t-shirt just to mark a triangle. Cut out the triangle, wash the t-shirt and it is ready to be worn.

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Photo courtesy: buzzfeed.

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