Amazing Cut Out T-shirt – DIY

Dragonfly Cut Out T-shirt - DIY

We are certain that you know that awkward moment when you meet girls on the street that wear some piece of cloth identical to what you have in the closet or even worse: are wearing the same dress that you do. Thanks to all the DIY projects that people share, now this moment can be long forgotten, for each of you can make their own design to their clothes, without having any sewing skills. See the directions and the video below to find how to make dragonfly cut out t-shirt and wings cut out tee.

You will need:
– an old T-shirt;
– marker;
– scissors.

Directions: Draw small ”holes” that form the line of a dragonfly or of wings, on the center back of your T-shirt (you can use a template picture that you can print from the internet if you wish to make a more complex design. Take the scissors and carefully cut out holes into the T-shirt. Don’t be shy and share with us some pictures with your cut out t-shirt!

Amazing Cut Out T-shirt - DIY

Photo courtesy: kobieceinspiracje.

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  1. Gorgeous idea. Do you do custom work? Are you Canada? Want to create angel wings for an Attagirl!! event. Please contact me (416) 830-7933. Thank you Vivianna

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