How to Whiten Your Nails

How to Whiten Your Nails

It is a common thing for your nails to get all yellow due to the usual manicure. You probably already noticed there is nothing different even if you use top coats. This being said, we think you will find today’s article quite useful. Here is how you can whiten your nails in your own home.

You will need:
– 2 ¼ tsp of baking soda;
– 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide 3%.

Directions: Mix the two ingredients. If the mixture isn’t thick enough, you can add more of the ingredients. Dip your nails into this mixture and let it work for 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile you can even use a toothbrush for scrubbing the nails. When done, wash your hands and use some moisturizing cream.

How to Whiten Your Nails

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    1. You can buy hydrogen peroxide anywhere. Wal-Mart, target, dollar store, family dollar, pharmacies… wherever. It’s by the bandaids and anti bacterial creams

  1. Be careful in using hydrogen peroxide. I believe it is no longer used to clean wounds these days as it not only kills bad bacteria, it also kills good bacteria. I wouldn’t apply this too often, as it might weaken nail.

    Avoid yellow nails but not using dark polish too often and not letting it stay on your nails for very long. Always use a base coat, even double the base coat. And, most important, give your nails a breather.. at least a week of being polish-free in between mani-pedis.

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