Skull Back Hollow Cut Out Top – DIY

Back Hollow Cut Out Top - DIY

There are a lot of skull print t-shirts, but a skull back cut out t-shirt will certainly make you a special appearance at the Halloween party. The t-shirts are available here. But there is a solution to make your own skull cut out top. Check out the directions and the video below.

You will need:
– 1 oversized t-shirt;
– scissors;
– chalk.

Directions: Draw the skull on the back of the t-shirt (eyes, nose and mouth), then start cutting only the back of your t-shirt, where you drew the pattern. Stretch the holes to make the cutted part not so visible, and wash it to remove the chalk traces. The video will show you a simpler procedure to cut out the back of your t-shirt. Have fun!

back cut out t-shirt for halloween

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  1. Mine did not come out as cute as these! This is the tutorial ( I followed but I use pen instead of chalk and that would have made it a lot easier to get rid of the lines. Thanks for the suggestion! I think I’m going to try making a ribcage shirt next.

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