DIY Manicure For New Year’s Eve

We think that every woman wants to look her best on New Year’s Eve and for this reason a lot of them start thinking where to go and what to wear, weeks before the special celebration. Legends say that the way you spend the last day of the year, this is how the next one will be for you. So, you want to look fabulous, have awesome clothes on you, have beautiful hair and gorgeous nails. To help you with some ideas, we come up with an elegant glittery manicure that will go perfect for New Year’s Eve. Easy to do, no hassle, no waiting time, finished as fast as you say manicure!

DIY Manicure For New Year’s Eve

What you will need:
– base coat;
– black nail polish;
– silver glitter nail polish;
– some V-shaped nail strips;
– top coat.

1. To protect your nails from turning yellow thanks to the dark nail polishes, apply a base coat on all of your nails and let it dry.
2. Apply one or two layers of black nail polish, again, on all of your nails and let it dry very well. We said one or two layers, because it depends on the brand you will use, some blacks, don’t look black if you apply just one layer.
3. Stick the V-shaped nail strips over the polish that is dry (very important!) starting from the middle of the nail.
4. Apply the silver glitter nail polish under the sticker, remove the stickers and finish with a top coat.
5. Your nails will look absolutely gorgeous and if you want to change the black into a red or other color, no problem, you can pick whatever combination you like, just keep the same procedure and follow the same steps!

Keep being AllDayChic!

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