Giving Your Hair a New Look for the New Year: 4 Hairstyle Ideas

On January 1 of any given year, social media rings out with cries of New Year, New Me! Complete with resolutions of desired personal improvements, and a feeling of hope and freshness as the new year commences.

With the current global pandemic, this feeling is a bit harder to grasp in 2021. While many salons are closed, this doesn’t stop individuals and professionals alike from honing their skills and getting new hair looks going for 2021.

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Here are some great hair tips and ideas to step into 2021 feeling like a brand new you.

Ideas for Professionals

Even if your studio is closed, there are still great resources out there for extensions, not only to purchase them, but to participate in zoom classes and additional methods to help learn new techniques, order new products, and prepare to welcome a new customer.

While this pandemic is difficult, it also presents a great opportunity to take this time to practice new techniques that you can pass along to your clients.

Ideas for Easy to Do Styling, Even at Home!

1. Curly Hairstyles

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Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to curl your hair or give yourself some beachy waves. Now is a great time to search for some tutorials and put some effort into giving yourself a fresh new look, even if it’s just to wear to the kitchen.

Self-care is important, and by spending some time researching and practicing new styles, you can not only feel better about yourself but learn some new styles and perfect them so your first outing after reopening will knock their socks off!

2. Straight Hair Styles

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Already have curly hair, maybe you want to give a go at straightening! How long is your hair? Have you been considering relaxing techniques, to change up your style?

One of the biggest challenges of straightening curly hair is the time it takes with a flatiron. By taking advantage of the extra time you have during the lockdown and spending a day working closely with your straightener, you can give yourself an entirely new look.

There are some great options for hairstyles that you can do easily at home, and some great new options for professionals to learn and start to offer their clients.

While we don’t recommend taking the scissors to your hair in a moment of frustration, there are many options available for new hairstyles to bring a change to your style.

3. Up-do’s

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Do you have long and workable hair? Do you normally wear your hair down? Now is the perfect time to change your look and freshen it up with a cheeky updo!

Ponytails can be done in many ways, French braids can accent your hair, and a nice classy loose bun can make you feel distinguished and polished. Don’t have the length for a full updo?

Try half up half down, or some space buns. Trying different styles can make you feel fresh and new!

4. Down-do’s

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Maybe you are the polar opposite, and live your life in a messy bun. There are tons of styles that can keep your hair out of your face, but allow you to showcase your hair without it being up.

Try some beach waves or partial braids. You can use accessories to hold your hair in place, and still have your locks streaming down your back showcasing your length.

Hair Care and Maintenance

If you are avoiding changing your look because you have dry or damaged hair, or simply don’t know where to begin, now is the perfect time to start. There are myriad ways in which to address your hair situation and give yourself the Jumpstart you need.

Take a day to deep condition your hair, buy yourself a newer and better shampoo. Utilizing new products can help repair your hair and make you want to try out exciting styles. Have you always wanted extensions? Take the opportunity to try them out this year.

Whatever your hair care woes may be, you can consult professionals, or look over some YouTube tutorials to give yourself exciting and new ideas. Spend time on yourself this year, and start properly treating and maintaining your hair. Take the opportunity this year to try something new and exciting. Give yourself some me-time, do a hot oil treatment, or try out some new hair masks.

Whether it is showcasing new extensions or a new style, colour, or length of hair, there are many options available. Wash away the stress of 2020 and step into 2021 feeling rejuvenated by nurturing and caring for your hair.

Give yourself a fresh new look and walk into 2021 looking and, more importantly, feeling your best!

Keep being AllDayChic!

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