What Are the First Aid Procedures Everybody Should Know?

In medical emergency situations and severe injury, first aid can save lives. First aid is basically defined as the first line of assistance a person receives immediately after suffering an injury or medical emergency such as fainting, cardiac arrest, and so forth. With first aid skills or knowledge, you could save a person’s life or prevent their situation from worsening. That person could be your loved one, a colleague, or even a complete stranger.

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As a matter of fact, you can also perform first aid on yourself in some situations, especially where you are injured or suffer an abrupt illness while alone. With that having been said, here are some of the first aid procedures everyone should know.

1. How to Stop Bleeding

Having enlightenment on first aid care on bleeding cuts or bruises can help save a life someday. Bleeding can be internal or external. While dealing with a bleeding wound, start by applying pressure directly on it using a clean piece of cloth or tissue until the bleeding ceases. If the bleeding is heavy, it might ooze and soak the cloth. Don’t remove the soaked cloth from the wound. Simply add another cloth on top of it and keep on applying pressure on the affected area.

Once the bleeding stops, wash your hands, disinfect the cut with alcohol, and dress the wound using a bandage. If available, it is also important to use medical gloves while handling blood that is not yours. This is because blood and materials contaminated by blood can harbor a range of infectious pathogens. This is basically the reason why training for blood related pathogens is paramount for people whose work involves the regular handling of blood. The course involves a range of topics that cover various aspects, including bloodborne pathogens, safety procedures when handling blood, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

2. Choking

Choking is life-threatening. It’s among the number one killers in the world. It occurs when food particles, liquids, or objects obstruct the throat. In case you have a choked person, basic first aid knowledge will come in handy in helping them.

First, use the heel of your hand to hit the person’s back severally between the shoulder blades. Then, perform the abdominal thrust aka Heimlich maneuver at least five times till the blockage is ejected. This technique helps in lifting the diaphragm and forcing out air from the lungs. Then the choking object is ejected from the airway. This method works better for children.

3. Treating Fever

Fevers are inescapable. Knowing this fact should force you to have a well-stocked first-aid kit in your home. Fevers are most common in children and babies. High temperatures above 37degrees can be alarming and should never be ignored. It could be a sign of bacterial or viral infection, and you may need to seek the doctor’s assistance immediately.

However, if you are not placed to access a doctor, first aid can help relieve the symptoms. Give ibuprofen, give plenty of fluids, dress the child in light clothes, sponge or bath him with lukewarm water. If the fever does not go away, be sure to check in with the doctor as soon as possible.

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4. Cleaning Wounds or Cuts

Before handling a cut or a wound wear your gloves to protect you and the victim from spreading infections like HIV. Apply ice pack on the bruise to reduce any swelling. Keep the wound raised if possible. This will minimize the blood from pooling around the affected area till the medics arrive. Rinse the wound under cool running water. Then clean with alcohol and finally bandage the affected part. If need be, visit the doctor for more treatment.

5. Treating Burns

As horrifying as it may sound accidents are unpreventable and are bound to happen to anyone at any time. Burns injuries are agonizing. In some cases, they can be exceedingly damaging and dent a person’s life depending on the degree of burns. Having first aid skills can help you save a life if faced with a burn victim.

First aid for burns can be extremely beneficial in preventing damage before seeking medical attention. While offering first aid to a victim of burns, get the person away from the heat first. Cool the burn with cool running water for some minutes, remove the clothing and jewelry but not the ones stuck on the skin, cover the burn with a clean plastic bag, and give painkillers. Seek medical help as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the majority of people do not know the procedures of first aid. In the world we live in, accidents happen almost every second. It’s prudent that we get to learn the first aid procedures.

You should also take into consideration the fact that someone else can cause the injuries in an accident. This means you should be prepared to perform first aid and promptly call the right personal injury attorneys to help the injured person make a full recovery.

First aid saves lives, and you never know who you will save. It brings consolation and relief to the patients after an accident or medical emergency even as the paramedics are on their way. The knowledge of first aid basics is crucial for everyone in the community, and the above are just a few procedures we should all know.

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