6 Tourism Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Climate change, rapid technological advancements, quicker access to information, and more discerning travelers have significantly transformed the travel industry.

2021 and beyond will be exciting for industry players and travelers alike as these trends become more pronounced. What can you expect? Here are some top 6 tourism trends for the coming years.

1. Bleisure Travelling

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Business travelers used to almost sneak in and out of different destinations, only being there for strict business.

Not anymore.

More and more entrepreneurs and corporate executives are making an effort to include leisure time during their business travels. Many companies today offer employees some tourism experience during business trips. We are also seeing executives synchronizing business trips with their vacation days.

2. Beauty Travel

Think about the convenience of it all. Instead of having a cosmetic procedure at a local hospital, you have it done while vacationing at your favorite hotel. And you have people taking care of your every whim. It’s a known fact that some people travel abroad in order to perform cosmetic surgery cheaper.

All you have left to do is enjoy the sights and sounds from the picturesque resort as you heal. A few weeks later, you jet back home feeling fresh and looking better than ever. Sounds great, right? However, do your research to find countries that have strict regulations for plastic surgeons. Steer clear of surgeons with poor reviews as well, as they exist everywhere. Paying a premium price for a botched procedure will be the least of your worries.

3. Staycations

The whole idea of a staycation is to remain in your home country or closer to home, rather than traveling abroad. As life and careers get busier, these provide an excellent option for people without a lot of time for travel. For travel investors, the whole idea around staycations makes it essential for hoteliers to market their facilities to locals.

Another idea closely related to a staycation is a sleepcation where travelers take up accommodations at an establishment to relax and sleep-in.

4. Solo Travel

Solo travel is said to be a self-rewarding experience that boosts confidence and even forces you to grow. And travelers seem to agree. Most solo travelers are opting for the same benefits. The flexibility to do whatever they want without being tied to a group is a major one. Some just opt for this as part of self-discovery and maximize on ”me-time”.

Whatever the reason, this emerging trend has seen hoteliers design travel packages for the solo traveler. If you are in the industry, being stuck on a group, family, and couple packages will disservice your business.

4. Wellness Travel

Aside from having an adventure, there is a group of travelers looking for a more enriching experience touching on health, well-being, and a life balance. Wellness travel is often thought of as a preserve of spas and resorts. Wrongfully so! Numerous other businesses can get a piece of this pie.

Think of a chopper company marketing a ride as a way to conquer one’s fear. Or yoga and meditation instructors partnering with hospitality establishments. Nutritionists and dieticians can also offer hotel guests meal planning and cooking lessons. The list is endless.

It’s time for entrepreneurs to think deeply about what their businesses offer and how they can open up avenues for themselves in tourism.

5. Sustainable Tourism

This has been around for a while and has shown no signs of going away. Increased environmental conservation campaigns have led to more awareness, with people looking to live sustainably. This extends to traveling sustainably. Think carbon offsetting, recycling, and establishments that compliment nature.

6. The Outlook

The tourism industry is learning fast and quickly adopting to remain competitive. Indeed, the next few years will be a great time for travelers.

You can be sure that whatever your traveling personality is, you will be bound to find something that fits or closely aligns with your dream vacation.

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