Safe Traveling Tips for Single Women

Long solo road trips can be some of the greatest events in the life of a single woman. Nevertheless, you have to learn how to take care of yourself for the journey to be enjoyable and pleasant. Below is a list of tips that any woman who enjoys solitary road trips should consider for safe travel.

1. Inform Someone Where You Are

While you may probably love that feeling of getting lost on the road, informing a family member or close friend is still the safest way for others to know where you are. Text messaging is one approach to let your loved ones know your whereabouts quickly and easily.

2. Never Pick Up Strangers

Do not pick up passengers or agree to ride with someone you don’t know and share a room with him or her. While you may think that the person you are trying to help is harmless after just a few minutes of talking, you really never know someone’s true intentions.

3. Make Sure You Have Car Insurance

If you will not be renting a car for your drive, do take your car for repair to the auto shop. Ensure that your vehicle is ready for the road, that the oil has been checked, the tires are in good condition, the heater works and there is not much stuff in the trunk. Moreover, ensure that you have car insurance that will cover the damages in case of untoward accidents.

4. Always Be Alert Behind The Wheel

Avoid distracted driving. Stay focused on the road, especially in unfamiliar places. Put down your phone, set the volume on the radio to a reasonable level, and save your snacks for your next pit stop.

5. Go To Places That Are Well-lit And Busy

Look for areas where there are a number of people. Do not stop at obscure, deserted places. Looking like you know where you want to go is always a smart idea.

6. Always Listen To Reports On Weather Conditions

Be mindful of the weather conditions, and act accordingly. Keep yourself safe, and remain prepared at all times.

7. Don’t Pack Excessively

Bring only those things that you really need. Do not be a pack rat by bringing items that you may not even be using during your trip.

8. Never Carry A Lot Of Cash While Traveling

Only bring the amount of cash you will need for your travels and do not reveal to anyone how much you have. Using bank ATMs is the best deal in terms of currency exchange. Thus, there is no need to carry large bills that may get stolen.

9. Have A Schedule For Traveling

Determine your daily schedule in order for you to continue your travel, and choose when you want to get off the highway at night.

10. Inform Credit Card Companies

Credit card companies can bar the account if they observe some dubious behavior such as constant gas fees. Inform these companies that you are going to travel so they don’t cut off your credit account.

11. Always Bring An ID

You need to store all important documents such as IDs, insurance information, and driver’s license in a convenient and safe place for easy access.

12. Bring Extra Snacks, Water, And Blankets With You

If you get stuck or lost somewhere, bring additional items with you. In the glove compartment of your vehicle, always bring a flashlight as well as a Swiss Army knife.

13. Bring maps with you

You may not always have accurate GPS systems so bring with you updated road maps and atlases. You should know how to interpret them as a backup tool. Trace alternate itineraries as well.

14. Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged

Before continuing with your trip, make sure to charge your cell phone so that it is ready for use during emergencies. You can also purchase a mobile battery pack to prolong the life of the phone in case a charger isn’t available.


It is beneficial to travel solo as a woman because it broadens your horizons and makes you appreciate the significance of discovering life on your own. It also involves finding your true identity and what you are capable of.

Traveling can be an exhilarating and eye-opening experience. The thrill of adventure and vacation is what makes traveling memorable. But while you’re off the road, don’t overlook travel safety and security measures.

Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev on Unsplash.

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