7 Reasons To Opt For Private Jet Travel

It is a widely held misconception that traveling by private jets is way too expensive. Still, often it is not so, especially when we are talking about business aviation. Corporate organizations of Europe (EBAA) declared a potential savings of a whopping fifteen million euros on executives’ overnight accommodation.

Businesses can avoid such stays, which are common while flying large distances involving several stopovers. So, the association of private jet travel as meant solely for luxury is a fallacious one.

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However, jet travel indeed provides you with some of the far more essential luxuries. It lets you do things like allowing you to reschedule your return flight so that you are just in time for the holidays. The most critical savings, however, that you get from chartered flights is that of time. There are plenty of other reasons as well, some of which we discuss in the following paragraphs:

1. You Can Determine The Flight Schedule According To Your Needs

When you opt for private jet travel, you get the freedom to determine take-off and landing times, a convenience which no commercial flight can offer you. As private jet service provider BitLux Travel points out, this allows you to reschedule your flights at short notice. This is useful when situations like unexpectedly long meetings or modifications in your plans take place.

In short, by choosing to travel by private jets, you get the maximum amount of flexibility. You can even choose to reroute your flight to a destination distinct from the ones for which you had initially asked.

2. Significantly Shorter Boarding Procedures

When you travel by a private jet, the entire arrival process to the airport and flight take-off typically require as little as fifteen minutes. The great schedule flexibility, the fast travel time, the effortless boarding process, and no chances of strike-related flight disruptions make chartered flights an excellent option for wealthy people or businesses.

3. Dedicated Terminals Makes Things Smooth And Relaxed

Unlike passengers of commercial flights, people flying in private jets have dedicated airport terminals for them. The desk officials of these terminals, known as FBO or Fixed Base Operators, welcome you and usually offer you coffee or light beverages.

As traveling by private jets comes to the mainstream, the FBO business looks forward to a healthy future. The minimal amount of time required for passengers of private jets boarding time makes coffees and magazines rarely needed as the lounging times will be minimal.

4. Transfers Through Quality Transport Is Assured

Typically, once an airplane reaches the destination airport’s tarmac, a cab or limo, or even a helicopter is right there waiting to take them to the following destination.

5. 150% Greater Productivity

Productivity is the keyword for businesses and professionals alike. Accordingly, the 150% boost in productivity provided by traveling in private jets resulting primarily from the reduced traveling time is most welcome.

This significant boost results from the zero layover periods in between airports. It, in turn, helps employees avoid intermittent work. While flying on chartered flights, professionals and executives get in-flight conditions perfect for working, like focusing and silence.

Some chartered flight providers even go to the extent of letting you tag your four favorite pets around too. They make the flight more of a home office than anything else. Chartered flights are also more tolerant as far as carry-on baggage and liquids you take with yourself are concerned, adding to the cost-effectiveness of the charter.

6. You Can Choose From A Vast Number Of Airport Destinations

When you travel by chartered flights, you also get the advantage of better connectivity. The number of airports that a private jet can access is significantly higher than commercial airlines’ figures. Such airports are specially catering to private jets, including ones in far-flung areas across the world. Such airports are often located at places that are otherwise remote and hard to reach.

7. Better Customer Service Quality

You get round the clock customer service from the moment you book your flight till you have reached the destination. Often providers of chartered flights remain available for help on various social media and other communication channels.

Most such airlines designate a dedicated travel agent with whom you can consult, making things simple with a single point of contact. Some chartered flight providers even go to provide a comprehensive travel solution consisting of restaurants, hotels, working place bookings, and even bookings for exclusive events.

The pilots you are onboard private jets are superior in terms of expertise and experience and offer assistance if there is something you need. Chartered flights also provide premier quality food and beverages. Most private jets come with plenty of available space for golf or ski equipment in the form of dedicated compartments for the same.

To sum up, people are feeling scared of traveling on commercial flights in this post-COVID-19 world. Health is not the only reason for you to consider flying on private jets. It is hoped that this article has successfully acquainted you with its myriad benefits. It might be somewhat expensive but flying in a private plane is worth it!

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